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In hall 17, No. A26 we will introduce the following innovations:

SprintCut: High-performance machine for cutting flat glass automatically
  • fast: 310 m/min

  • precise: +/- 0,1mm

  • very quiet


VSL-A37/33: High-performance machine for automatically cutting laminated glass
  • Reduction of glass wastage

  • 30% more output

  • 50% higher cutting speed

SplitFin: Flat glass processing line with water jet technology
  • Fast cycle times

  • Versatile utilisation

  • flexible change of production


ConvectLam 2: Laminating machine featuring a high-pressure autoclave
  • Energy savings

  • Very homogeneous glass heating

  • Exact positioning accuracy of +/- 1mm


LBH-B25ARS: Automatic butyl extruder for Rigid spacers
  • Precise, interruption-free application

  • Adaptive control to compensate material fluctuations

  • Automatic height adjustment of the nozzle

BSV-B45NK: Bending machine for “sharp” corners
  • Spacer bending featuring a sharp 90-degree transition

  • Very high-quality and elegant appearance

  • Zero-radius corner